Aldi Employee Shares Best Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

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Plan around Aldi’s weekly deals.

Aldi weekly ads in a stand

Aldi’s weekly ads are located by the entrance of each store.

Matthew Lesky

Every week, a meat and a fresh produce are significantly discounted along with dozens of other price reductions. I recommend looking at an Aldi ad online to see if you can incorporate some of those discounted products into your weekly meals.

Make a plan, and if you don’t stick to it 100%, switch some things on your list around so you’re still within your budget. The last time I went shopping, I took my rough list and had a goal of staying close to $100 and not exceeding $200. Since my boyfriend wanted some ingredients to make chili, I knew I had to cut certain items. However, I’m also not the type of person to creep down the aisle with a calculator so I left with a $154.88 bill.

Altogether, I spent about $25 on meat and $6 on greeting cards (I can’t help it, Aldi’s greeting cards are the best). To my pleasure, the groceries from this trip lasted us almost two and a half weeks. With my careful planning and realistic goals for our cooking habits, we got every last morsel out of this food despite being over budget.

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