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Amanda Reddin: British Gymnastics head coach steps down amid investigation

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British Gymnastics said it had “mutually agreed” with Amanda Reddin, who has denied any wrongdoing, for her to step down from her role as head national coach as historical complaints unrelated to her employment are investigated

Last Updated: 26/05/22 5:57pm

Amanda Reddin has refuted claims she mistreated athletes

Amanda Reddin, the head national coach of British Gymnastics, has stepped down from the position with immediate effect.

In 2020, Reddin temporarily stepped aside while an investigation into claims about her conduct took place. She was later cleared by an cleared by an independent disciplinary panel.

But further historical complaints, unrelated to her employment at British Gymnastics, are still being investigated and the governing body said Reddin was co-operating with that inquiry, as she had with the earlier investigation.

British Gymnastics said it had “mutually agreed” with Reddin, who has denied any wrongdoing, for her to step down, following the conclusion of the Sports Resolutions investigation and “changes in the sport over the past 18 months”.

“British Gymnastics recognises Amanda’s commitment to gymnastics and the time she has dedicated to the sport,” it said in a statement.

A full review of abuse allegations within the sport of gymnastics, commissioned by UK Sport and Sport England in 2020, has been led by Anne Whyte QC.

The latest update from the review group in March was that the final report would be released to the commissioning bodies at the end of May for publication.

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