Wednesday, June 29, 2022

“Black Power!” – Black Supremacists Gather in Mississippi to Commemorate Juneteenth with Armed “Gathering of the Great Armies” March (VIDEOS)

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Armed black supremacists gathered in Natchez, Mississippi on Sunday to commemorate Juneteenth, a day virtually no one ever spoke about until Joe Biden made it a federal holiday.

The marchers chanted, “Arm yourself, or harm yourself!”

“I love you Black kings!” they chanted. “And I love you Black queens!”

Videos via Ford Fischer:

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“We’re not gonna say ‘Hands up, don’t shoot!’ We gonna let you know, you shoot at us, we’re shooting back if need be,” one of the organizers said.

“Guns up! Shoot back!” they shouted.


“Black power!” the activists shouted.


After the march, the leaders of the various black militias signed a document “proclaiming a unified vision for the future of their movement, including reparations, a Black-only territory, and the freeing of political prisoners.” Ford Fischer reported.

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