Boss move: Ron DeSantis just kneecapped Randi Weingarten when it comes to doing right by teachers

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If you check the Twitter feed of American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, you can usually expect to find one of three kinds of tweets. One is dispatches from Ukraine:

No need to ask if Randi Weingarten’s working hard or hardly working. The answer is pretty obvious.

Another kind of tweet you’ll find in Randi’s feed is the kind about how important teachers’ unions are and how much they do for The Children™ and for America in general:

And the third kind, of course, is the gaslighty kind, like the tweets about how it was Ron DeSantis who wanted to keep schools closed while Randi and Co. were fighting like hell to reopen. How Ron DeSantis hates teachers and wants them to suffer.

Well, we can’t wait to hear from Randi about the profound harm and trauma that DeSantis’ latest moves will cause Florida’s teachers:

“Teachers have a right to teach in an orderly and safe classroom.” What a monster! And it gets even worse, if you can believe it:

You mean teachers get to take home more of their hard-earned money instead of involuntarily handing it over to unions who will hand it over to Democratic politicians?


Guys, we’re struggling to find a downside to any of this.

Randi Weingarten’s head must be exploding right now, or it will as soon as word reaches her in Ukraine.



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