Tuesday, December 6, 2022

BREAKING: Putin Urgently Returns to Kremlin on Saturday Night — Reason Unknown — VIDEO

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On Saturday night Vladimir Putin was rushed to the Kremlin. His entourage can be seen speeding through the streets in Moscow on the way to the Kremlin.

Here is one video posted by NEXTA tv, dubbed as the largest Eastern European media.

“Putin suddenly arrived at the Kremlin at night Russian media report that the presidential cortege arrived at the #Kremlin at 23:00. This is extraordinary, usually it is associated with some important decision,” NEXTA tweeted.

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The news outlet added that Putin is not going to make emergency statements, citing a statement from Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

Tass Media from Russia also confirmed that Putin did not arrive at the Kremlin to make a statement.

Dmitry Peskov refuted the assumptions spread by a number of telegram channels that the head of state Vladimir Putin arrived in the Kremlin in the evening to allegedly make some kind of emergency statement.

The entourage arrived around 11 PM Moscow time.

Via The Storm Has Arrived has another video from tonight.

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