Chuck Schumer vilified proposed Republican cuts right before embracing even more spending

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In a move surprising absolutely no one, within just a few hours of Chuck Schumer vilifying Republicans for the suggestion of a one percent cut in discretionary spending, he rolls out this monstrosity.

We know this, Chuck. Everything the government touches becomes more expensive, not less. It’s been proven time and time again.


We just said that.

Great minds and all that.

Preach sister.

A little louder for those in the cheap seats.

Can we? Can we? Please?

Ok, no we know we can’t. He isn’t our senator, but come on, man.

How much havoc is this man supposed to be allowed to wreak?

The Government never runs out of money, silly!

They print more.

Er, wait …

Read that first bit again, S-L-O-W-L-Y.

This guy may be on to something.

Little Chuck Schumer never met a voter he couldn’t buy. SHHHH, that part is a secret.

Kevin, buddy, you already know the answer!

Kudos to you and the wife for putting your kids first, though.

We truly mean that.

You tell them! We are remembering it too.

It’s too bad the people that vote for him seem to forget.

Dear Chuck Schumer,

It would appear most of America is tired of your stuff. How much longer until you get told to stay home? Not soon enough, in our opinion, sir.


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