Saturday, January 28, 2023

Corrupt Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Blocks 2020 Election Decertification, Spends Time Getting His Wife a Position with the GOP Instead

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Robin Vos works harder to get his wife a position with the GOP and pushes BS statements praising his name and punishing those who oppose him than he ever spent decertifying the fraudulent election in Wisconsin.

We received the following from a concerned conservative in the state of Wisconsin who now believes Republican Speaker Robin Vos is corrupt.

On Saturday the GOP in Racine, Wisconsin met to discuss current events.  Speaker Robin Vos was on hand and he made sure that he stacked the room with his RINO faithful.  He got the local GOP to pass something thanking him for his commitment to conservative issues.

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Plus, he tried to get his wife appointed as Secretary of the Racine County Republican Party (RCRP).  This is a total conflict of interest but Vos doesn’t seem to care.

The County GOP passed an anti-free speech resolution!  If you speak, post or assist in any way that is against a legislator you’re out of the party for 2 years. In other words, critical feedback is out. Wonder what will happen to primary candidates with this? Big tent policy!

Vos is a snake. And those who go along with him in the party are his brood. Time to call it like ya see it.

These people are anti-freedom and pro-control.

Vos Telegram – @WIAssemblyGOP

Robin Vos has done nothing to decertify the fraudulent 2020 Election no matter what evidence of fraud has been uncovered.  But he has taken the time to get his wife a position with the GOP.  This guy does not love America. 

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