DarioHealth, Dexcom partner to use CGM data for chronic care

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DarioHealth is partnering with Dexcom to integrate the company’s continuous glucose monitors into Dario’s chronic condition management platform. 

The collaboration will allow Dario’s digital health tools for metabolic health to include data from Dexcom CGMs, wearable sensors that automatically monitor blood glucose levels for patients with diabetes. 

Dario said integrating CGM data would provide more personalized support and guidance for users. 

“Nearly two million people use a continuous glucose monitor today, and the ability to capture that data in Dario’s platform expands our ability to deliver a dynamic, highly relevant experience to more people living with diabetes. It’s an exciting development that will ultimately benefit every Dario member as the CGM data enriches our overall data ecosystem,” Rick Anderson, president of Dario, said in a statement. 


The company, which also offers digital health products for behavioral health and musculoskeletal care, said the latest partnership builds on a previous agreement with biopharma giant Sanofi.

Nearly a year ago, they announced a $30 million strategic partnership to speed adoption of Dario’s suite of tools in the U.S. At the time, the companies said they would focus on expanding Dario’s sales to health plans and select employers as well as develop new or improved tools.

In the Dexcom announcement, Dario said the Sanofi collaboration aims to create an ecosystem of technology partners and digital therapeutics. 

“We’re proud of our ongoing collaboration with Sanofi U.S. which is helping Dario to establish new innovations to meet the needs of our customers and members as demonstrated by this Dexcom integration,” Anderson said.

At the tail end of 2022, Dexcom announced it had received FDA clearance for the newest model of its CGM, the G7. The company is announcing the launch of the new system with a Super Bowl ad later this week. 

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