Friday, September 30, 2022

DC parent calls on mayor to ‘unmask’ kids after ‘ignoring’ school mask-wearing guidance

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Margot Athon, a Washington D.C. parent, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has chosen to ignore the advice of the CDC, NIH and her own health department.

MARGOT ATHON: In case your viewers don’t know, the last two places in the United States that are still requiring indoor masking in schools are Hawaii and the District of Columbia. And as a parent, you know, we kept wondering why the mayor is digging her heels in and ignoring the advice of the CDC, the NIH, all of these bipartisan governors and as of a few hours ago, her own health department. And we came to the conclusion that she had struck a deal with the teachers unions. And as a parent, you know, that’s incredibly frustrating. I have two young children, and I really do not want teachers unions interfering in their education. And unfortunately, Tucker, that’s what’s going on.

We love living in D.C. But there is this level of bureaucracy. I mean, this is government overreach with my kindergartner. And so I’m just saying, let the kids take their masks off. I mean, do your union dealings wherever else you need to do it, but don’t mess with our kids education. And we need to unmask these kids, Tucker. I mean, their friends in Virginia and Maryland have their masks off. Our cousins in New York have taken their masks off. This is a bipartisan issue, so we’ve got to get the masks off these kids.


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