Employee wellness platform Wellable acquires DailyEndorphin

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Employee wellness company Wellable acquired DailyEndorphin, which offers corporate wellness challenges where employees can set up group fitness or nutrition programs and invite their colleagues to participate. 

DailyEndorphin offers challenges for exercise, step count, nutrition, weight and hydration.

Boston-based Wellable will add DailyEndorphins assets to its Wellable Wellness Platform, which also includes an incentive program and support model, personal wellness assessment and clinical event verification (where flu shots and preventative care is verified). The employee-focused company also has health content and on-demand classes.

“We are thrilled to support the next chapter for DailyEndorphin and welcome them to our thriving Wellable community. DailyEndorphin was a pioneer in the wellness challenge industry, and we look forward to delivering customizable, affordable and effective wellness programs for their customers,” Geoff Geredien, chief growth officer of Wellable, said in a statement.


In September, Wellable acquired Sweat Factor, a fitness streaming platform with over 600 on-demand nutrition, exercise and mindfulness classes. 

In 2020, the company acquired assets from MeYouHealth, another digital wellness platform encouraging healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, social interaction and other behaviors. 

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