Facebook hides Hung Cao’s Townhall post about border crisis to protect the public from ‘hate speech’

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Last October, we were pretty impressed by what we saw from Virginia Republican House hopeful Hung Cao. He seemed like he had a lot to bring to the table, and we couldn’t help but like the cut of his jib. Remember this?

So good.

Unfortunately, Cao lost his congressional race. But he hasn’t given up on advocating for conservatism and holding Democrats and the Left accountable. He recently wrote an opinion piece for Townhall about the worsening border crisis — and Facebook apparently decided that he was holding Democrats and the Left a little bit too accountable. So they slapped his post with a “Hate Speech” label when POLARIS National Security, where Cao serves as a senior adviser, tried to share it:

Here’s the full text of Cao’s tweet:

I penned an op-ed in @townhallcom about the crisis at our southern border and Facebook flagged it as hate speech when @polarisnatsec tried to share it. What about telling the truth of our border is hate speech? Was mentioning the 85,000 exploited and unaccounted migrant children hate speech? Or maybe telling my own immigration story was the hateful part? I would love an answer.

Maybe if we read the piece, we’ll get some clue as to what Facebook’s rationale might have been. Or maybe not:

OK, yeah, so we read it, and we couldn’t find the hate speech. If anything, Cao is more sympathetic to the migrants’ plight than the average American, because he himself is an immigrant. He shines a light on the dangers that migrants, particularly migrant children, face once they get to the southern border. But Cao also understands that legal immigration exists for a reason and that the Biden administration has not only disincentivized legal immigration but actively encouraged illegal immigrants to risk their lives and the lives of their children.

He writes:

There are currently 85,000 children that we know of who have crossed the Southern Border illegally in the last two years and are unaccounted for by the Department of Health and Human Services. Many fear that these children have been trafficked for labor or sexual exploitation, and our government has been complicit as the middleman. The problem is: the Biden administration has turned the American dream into the American nightmare for so many. Of the many reasons to secure our border, this is the most compelling reason. This was a self-made humanitarian crisis that could have been avoided or significantly reduced if there was a will.

Virtue-signaling leftists will say that we are a country of immigrants and we should have open borders. As a refugee and an immigrant, I share the same hope of freedom and liberty as every person who aspires to come here. My family came here with nothing, and this country gave us everything. I attended the top high school in the country, the United States Naval Academy, I received my Master’s in Applied Physics at Naval Postgraduate School and attended fellowships at Harvard and MIT. I paid this country back in full through 25 years of service as a Navy Special Operations Officer. Most importantly, my parents taught me that I couldn’t expect the American dream if I didn’t first embrace American culture and American laws.

There’s nothing hateful about being honest about the gravity and severity of the border crisis. And there’s nothing honest about trying to keep the truth from the public, as Facebook is clearly trying to do.

We see you, Facebook.


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