Florida’s Resign to Run Amendment headed to Governor DeSantis’ desk and all eyes are on Florida

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Today, news broke that the amendment to Florida’s Resign to Run law cleared all hurdles to head to the governor’s desk for signature. Before the amendment, the law was confusing in regard to a sitting governor’s responsibility to resign their position to run for a federal office. Many lawyers felt it did not apply to a governor running for a federal position, but to clarify the language, the Florida legislature passed an amendment to make it clear resignation was not necessary. Governor DeSantis is widely expected to sign the new provision into law as soon as he returns from an overseas trip.

Response to this news was swift and Twitter was sharply divided. Let’s kick it off with a few celebrating the news.

Earlier in the week, rumors swirled President Trump was headed to Tallahassee to try and stop the amendment from progressing. Fox Business Reporter Charles Gasparino reported it as Breaking News.

Either Trump changed his mind or his coaxing was unsuccessful, but DeSantis supporters could not resist the chance to dunk on Gasparino about how his tweet aged.

It’s hard to resist a victory lap. Always important to vet those anonymous sources.

Not everyone was excited about this provision heading to the governor’s desk and they were more than happy to speak their minds with their full chests.

Several Tweeps were kind enough to share some advice if the governor intends to challenge Trump for the GOP nomination.

To be fair, the amendment was to clear up ambiguity and likely never pertained to a presidential run, and it certainly has not been a secret. One thing about Florida, the Sunshine Laws are broad and it’s extremely difficult for legislators to get away with any shenanigans.

There were also clear heads who looked past their own politics and celebrated clearing up a muddy law, so it is easier for everyone to understand in the future. Kudos!

There is so much misinformation flying about this new provision. Maybe one of the many ‘misinformation reporters’ on Twitter could clear it up for the readers. Just kidding! We know they are never interested in helping Republicans.

Another interesting factoid many readers may be unaware of is very few states have a resign-to-run law, so Florida will come into alignment with the large majority of other states when Governor DeSantis signs this bill. Twitter is always teaching us new things.

Immediately upon the announcement the bill was headed to Governor DeSantis’ desk a PAC urging him to run for president released a new ad. It’s beginning to look like an announcement is coming soon.

When you love politics, primary season is like your Super Bowl and we at Twitchy look forward to all the twists, turns, polls, rallies, and announcements in the future. Check back every day for your latest 2024 Presidential race updates!


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