Saturday, December 3, 2022

GE Healthcare, AMC Health announce remote patient monitoring partnership

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GE Healthcare and AMC Health are partnering to offer remote patient monitoring technology to patients after they’ve been discharged from the hospital.

The collaboration will pair GE’s clinical monitoring in the hospital with AMC’s home-based tools, allowing providers to keep an eye on patients with chronic conditions or those recovering from a hospital stay, according to both companies. 

Given GE’s large install base in U.S. hospitals, the companies are pitching the partnership as a way to offer RPM tools to more providers and patients, as well as to anticipate demand for future care, like a potential readmission. Eventually, the companies plan to integrate hospital data and home data together in GE’s Edison Health database. 

“Pairing AMC Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring suite with GE Healthcare’s clinical monitoring offering will extend care beyond the clinical setting and enable more patients to continue to receive quality care from the comfort of their homes, delivering healthcare without limits,” Ashutosh Banerjee, general manager of diagnostic cardiology and remote patient monitoring at GE Healthcare, said in a statement. “AMC Health was selected as our partner due to their established and proven success engaging with patients to measure numerous biometrics in the home to extend the continuum of care.”


Nearly a year ago, industrial titan GE announced it would spin off its healthcare unit, GE Healthcare, in early 2023. 

The company recently released new details about its progress to separate the giant into three separate entities. It plans to organize the spun-off GE Healthcare into four segments: imaging, ultrasound, patient care solutions (which will include monitoring and digital tools) and pharmaceutical diagnostics. 

“As a result of its planned spin-off, GE Healthcare will have greater focus and flexibility to serve its customers and invest in growth, and this filing is an important step on that journey,” H. Lawrence Culp, Jr., GE chairman and CEO and GE Aerospace CEO, said in a statement.

Remote patient monitoring use grew during the COVID-19 pandemic, like other virtual healthcare. According to a study of Medicare beneficiaries published in JAMA Internal Medicine this summer, general RPM use increased from 91 claims per 100,000 enrollees in February 2020 to 594 claims per 100,000 enrollees in September 2021.

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