Thursday, October 6, 2022

Government Data Shows Inflation Trending Down During Trump’s Final Year — Spiked to Record Highs as Soon as Biden and Democrats Took Over

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The Inflation rate was trending down for months before Donald Trump left office.

Former Trump advisor Steve Cortes broke down the Biden-media lies on inflation this morning.

Inflation rose ONLY AFTER Joe Biden and Democrats took over.

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If inflation was due to Russia then peer countries would see similar inflation. They’re not.

The ACTUAL US inflation rate minus food and energy hit 19.75% in February.
Another Biden record.

Look at this chart!!

What is not being reported is that inflation was not only low during the Trump administration but it was TRENDING DOWN for half a year before he left office.

We can also see this in a White House chart that was released on Friday.

So today when Joe Biden said spending has nothing to do with inflation — He was either lying or too dumb to understand what is going on.

Biden Blames Inflation on Putin: “I’m Sick of This Stuff! Americans Think the Reason For Inflation is Government Spending More Money, Simply Not True!” (VIDEO)

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