Heathrow to mark Coronation with commemorative luggage tag – Business Traveller

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Commenting on her design Myerscough said:

“Instinctively I knew a bold colour filled, joyful, positive approach to the luggage tag to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III and the start of a new era was going to be my approach.

“I marked the day with ‘CR III 2023’ and on the reverse depicting an abstract gateway to echo how Heathrow is the gateway to the UK and the world, welcoming people to start their adventures there and now to celebrate a new monarch.

“Much of my work is about celebrating communities, places and cultural events, drawing on shared history and heritage, using colourful visual mediums to resonate with audiences across geographical and cultural boundaries.

“I’m proud to have designed the commemorative tag as a unique memento to mark this momentous occasion.”


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