How to Rock the Denim Maxi Skirt Trend

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This past February, many trendsetting attendees at New York Fashion Week were spotted in midi and maxi denim skirts. Since then, it’s become even more popular and even deemed a ‘90s and Y2K staple to have in your closet this season. Whether you’re rocking one with white sneakers or some knee-high boots, proponents of the denim maxi say it’s a super versatile piece because you can dress it up or down for any occasion.

But Does It Work On Everyone?

According to several of my petite colleagues, nope. In fact, many of them hope the trend will go away soon. “I wouldn’t be caught dead in a denim maxi skirt. I feel like it would make me look shorter and weigh me down,” says Destinee Scott, our 4’10” assistant editor of Sales and Deals at PureWow. “Even if it was proportioned for shorties and worn with heels, I still think it would look awkward on me because of the stiffness and weight of the denim. I’ll be skipping this trend.”

Just like the struggles we had finding jeans that hit right at the ankles, finding a denim maxi that doesn’t drown our smaller frames seems challenging. As another editor points out, some of us have had enough with getting every piece of clothing altered. “I like the look, but realistically won’t wear it because maxis are typically just a pain for me unless I alter them and that usually works better on flared pieces than fitted ones. I don’t really see myself altering a denim maxi skirt or loving one so much I go out of my way to do it,” says Nicole Briese, 5’2″ commerce director at PureWow.

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