‘Impeach him or SHUT UP!’ James Woods just lays INTO Republicans about the southern border and DAMN

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Republicans have a lot to say about what is happening at our southern border but it doesn’t feel necessarily feel like they’re doing a whole lot about it. We appreciate it takes more than just the House to get things done and of course, it’s important to call Biden out but still …

Americans are starting to wonder when we’ll see more than just talk.

For example, James Woods wants less talk and more action.

And he’s far from alone in this ‘want’.

Hey, we typically live by Reagan’s Rule which says Republicans shouldn’t punch other Republicans HOWEVER, we think even Reagan would be telling Republicans of today to get it together and do something about President Sippy Cup and his leaky southern border.

Ugh, sorry for that visual.

We’d give anything for just a nibble at this point.

And no TWSS jokes!

We all know this is bad, guys. We don’t need you to keep telling us how bad it is.


We need to know what you plan to DO ABOUT IT.



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