Intellect provides mental health support for Tinder users

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Mental health startup Intellect is providing online mental healthcare support to Tinder users in Singapore and the Philippines.

Through this partnership, Tinder members can receive six-month access to the Intellect mental health app, which includes one-on-one coaching sessions and self-guided cognitive behavioural therapy programmes. The offer runs until 26 April 2023.


Digital dating has become the new normal for Gen Zs or those people born from 1997 to 2021, according to Tinder’s Future of Dating report. This generation of young people has been found to be more open to talking about their mental health as evidenced by frequent mentions of “anxiety” and “normalise” in their Tinder bios. 

For a second year, Intellect and Tinder have teamed up for a new campaign that encourages young single adults to “find their authentic selves and prioritise their wellbeing.” Their last year’s campaign aimed at encouraging users to practice self-love.


Intellect also recently tied up with Banyan Tree Bintan in Indonesia to support the latter’s wellness programme with access to its mental health app. 

The startup also secured partnerships with insurers, Swiss Life Network and MSIG Hong Kong, to provide online mental health support to employees and clients.


“As the world opens up massively to the idea of speaking about our mental health, we see the Gen Z population as a critical demographic that can drive the next phase of action: seeking support, starting with themselves. The youth today face different rising challenges around their mental health, and as such we are excited to further invigorate our partnership with Tinder for the second year running to increase access to mental health support for our youth across Asia-Pacific,” Intellect CEO and co-founder Theodoric Chew said, explaining their partnership with Tinder.

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