Mayo Clinic venture Anumana acquires cardiac AI company NeuTrace

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Anumana, a joint venture between EHR data company nference and the Mayo Clinic, announced this week it had purchased NeuTrace, which focused on developing AI applications for assessing electrical signals in the heart. 

The deal includes the NeuTrace EP Data Biome, a platform designed to link devices and AI tools during electrophysiology procedures, as well as AI applications in development that aim to improve accuracy and outcomes and cut down on procedure times.

As part of the acquisition, nference will have rights to use the Data Biome outside of cardiovascular care. 

Anumana plans to use the new capabilities, along with nfercene’s nSights real-world evidence generation tools, to integrate a patient’s EHR with electrocardiograms (ECG) and cardiac electrograms (EGM). It said using deep learning with in-procedure ECG and EGM data, ECG information collected before and after procedures, and medical record data could allow for the development of AI algorithms that can detect heart conditions earlier.

“Combining the power of NeuTrace’s EP Data Biome with EMR and other data modalities of nference’s nSights platform has the potential to unlock game-changing AI applications in early cardiovascular disease detection, rhythm management and EP procedure safety, efficacy and effectiveness, for improved long-term outcomes,” Dr. Srijoy Mahapatra, president and COO of NeuTrace, said in a statement.


The Mayo Clinic and nference launched Anumana last year. The new venture aimed to use Mayo’s medical data and nference’s AI capabilities to build and market new digital sensor diagnostics, first focused on heart disease.

In May, Anumana announced it had received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for an ECG-based AI algorithm designed for early detection of pulmonary hypertension. Though not a marketing approval, the program aims to accelerate development and review of products that could more effectively treat or diagnose life-threatening or debilitating conditions. 

It also recently partnered with pharma company Novartis to develop AI tools that analyze ECGs to find left ventricular dysfunction, which can lead to heart failure, and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, which can cause heart attack and stroke.

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