‘Nana-Chan’ the Giant Mannequin Celebrates 50th Birthday in Japan

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  • Nana-chan, a massive mannequin in Nagoya, is turning 50 on Friday.
  • Nana-chan stands guard outside a department store and is often seen in a variety of outfits.
  • Originally built to advertise the store’s products, the mannequin is now a tourist attraction.

Nana-chan, a giant mannequin in Japan, has turned 50.

Towering at 20 feet and weighing 1,322 pounds, the colossal dummy has stood vigil outside the Meitetsu Department Store in Nagoya for decades.

She was initially built to advertise products at the department store, but has since become a beloved city icon that’s sometimes used to promote local events.

Nana-chan has sported various outfits over the years, from swimsuits to kimonos, and even a sheep hoodie.

The staff at the Meitetsu Department Store dressed her in a “celebration dress” on Tuesday in commemoration of her 50th birthday on Friday, according to local daily Yomiuri Shimbun.

“Happy Birthday Nana,” read the lettering on a giant cake attached to the mannequin.

She’s also been dressed as Wonder Woman to promote the 2017 Warner Bros film, and was seen being snatched up by Godzilla for the 2014 film of the same name.

Made of PVC resin, Nana-chan was designed in Switzerland and installed in Nagoya in 1973, according to Meitetsu’s profile of the mannequin.

She’s since been named a member of the department store’s public relations team, Meitetsu said on its website.

Meitetsu sometimes alters Nana-chan to fit certain sales promotions or holidays, like when they made her jaw drop for a summer clearance sale.

Nana-chan's jaw drops as the summer clearance sale kicks off.

Nana-chan’s jaw drops as the summer clearance sale kicks off.

Aichi Prefecture Tourism Department

Nana-chan’s fame has grown to the point where she’s now a tourist attraction, per the Aichi prefecture’s tourism department.

“When visiting Nagoya, first check out Nana-chan’s latest fashion statements,” the Aichi tourism department says on its website.

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