Friday, September 30, 2022

PathAI, Cleveland Clinic partner to use AI-enabled pathology for research

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AI-enabled pathology company PathAI is partnering with the Cleveland Clinic to use its algorithms for clinical care and research.   

The five-year collaboration will allow the startup and the academic medical center to digitize “hundreds of thousands” of pathology specimens, creating whole slide images across multiple diseases. When combined with molecular data, the partners will have a large dataset for conducting translational research using PathAI’s platform and algorithms. 

As part of the deal, Cleveland Clinic will now hold equity in PathAI.

“Our commitment is to provide the best possible care for our patients, and it is increasingly clear that AI-powered pathology can radically enhance diagnostic accuracy and treatment selection,” Dr. Brian Rubin, chair of the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, said in a statement.

“By doing this work, we’re able to maximize the value of machine learning for our patients and fuel deeper innovation that can result in better outcomes.”


AI is being used in healthcare and life sciences for tasks like triage, imaging and drug discovery. Though there are challenges to utilizing the technology, like introducing bias and worsening health inequities, proponents argue it has the potential to improve outcomes and increase efficiency in the healthcare system. 

A 2019 survey published in npj Digital Medicine found 75% of pathologist respondents reported excitement or interest in using AI as a diagnostic tool. 

The partners said their collaboration will also provide PathAI with more digitized pathology slides to improve its algorithms. It will also serve as an educational opportunity for Cleveland Clinic staff on AI-enabled pathology.

“This exciting collaboration accelerates PathAI’s mission to provide precision pathology for everyone. Cleveland Clinic is the ideal partner, with its many leading clinicians, educators, and researchers who are committed to transforming patient care across disease areas,” PathAI CEO Dr. Andy Beck said in a statement.

“We see an incredible opportunity to accelerate innovation in precision pathology and to use our strengths to bridge communities in the healthcare ecosystem including patients, biopharma, and academic research.”


PathAI is coming off a busy 2021. In May, the company scored $165 million in Series C funding, bringing its total raise to more than $255 million. 

It also scooped up Poplar Healthcare Management in July to add laboratory testing services to its suite of tools. PathAI also entered into partnerships with pharma and diagnostics giant Roche and Akoya Biosciences.

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