Prince Louis Makes Himself Useful By Operating Heavy Machinery in First Royal Engagement

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Now that Prince Louis is a very well-behaved five-year-old, it’s about time he gets a real job, wouldn’t you agree? 

The littlest Wales did just that Monday, participating in his first official royal engagement at the Big Help Out, a day of service, with his siblings and parents. While little Louis has appeared with his family and their many famous hats at coronations and weddings and Trooping the Colors and all, those were considered outings, not engagements. He’s like a very cute bonus to the working royals of the family, like his dad, Prince William, and mom, Princess Kate

But things are different now that Louis is five. Not only is he officially on the schedule, but he’s operating heavy machinery. That’s right: Louis got to take a turn at the controls of an excavator while helping renovate the scout hut of the 3rd Upton Scout Group in Slough, the day’s project. Princess Kate is a joint president of the Scouts, so the cause is a special favorite. 

To be real, Louis looked somewhat unimpressed with the excavator, but maybe that’s because he was forced to cede control of the actual buttons and levers to dad William, while he had to stand in front of him in the machine like some sort of childGoodnight, Goodnight Construction Site seems to have severely misled the young royal, like so many others, about the intriguing and thrilling lives of large construction equipment. 

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Louis also kicked it old school with a wheelbarrow, perhaps fondly remembering with a certain wistfulness his younger days, weeks ago, when he was the one being wheelbarrowed while he smiled for the camera in his birthday portraits. Ah, to be young. Alas, now Louis is the wheelbarrower, and his princely cargo is sand. A Scout helper on site, Anne Edwardstold People that “Louis was very enthusiastic and did a good job.” 

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