Roche Pharma India launches mobile app for cancer patients

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Roche Pharma India has launched a mobile patient app for those taking part in its cancer support programme.

The company’s flagship patient assistance programme Blue Tree caters to cancer, haemophilia and rare disease patients. Over 11,000 patients are currently enrolled in this programme.

A new companion mobile app called Blue Tree 2.0 is improving access to the services of this programme. Roche India developed the app together with smart technology company MOURI Tech.


Patients currently enrolled in the Blue Tree programme can now request drug assistance and book expert consultations and diagnostic support services such as genomic profiling via the mobile app.

Available on both Android and iOS devices, the Blue Tree app also delivers notifications about upcoming infusion schedules and other appointments, such as for diagnostic testing and counselling. 

Its other features include digital programme enrollment, booking doorstep medicines delivery, and access to funding support and accurate and verified information about diseases.

In the future, Roche India will come up with similar apps for healthcare providers, hospitals and distributors. 


The launch of Roche India’s newest patient app is not not only improving patients’ and doctors’ experiences with the Blue Tree programme but is also expanding the scale and reach of the programme, especially for those living in remote communities. It is also enabling patients to manage their programme journey through their mobile phones.

To make the experience more integrated, Roche has tapped Tata 1MG to manage the services carried out by Blue Tree. It also partnered with Vardhaman and IMS for last-mile medicine deliveries. 


Last year at the height of the pandemic, Roche India launched the REACH mobile app to support the emotional well-being of healthcare professionals. The app provides access to counselling sessions and self-help content, as well as self-assessment tools on work-related challenges, parenting and relationship issues, wellness, and self-development.

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