Friday, October 7, 2022
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US launches trial for blood tests that promise to catch cancers earlier

Questions remain about how to interpret MCED test results. Only some blood tests can pinpoint which organ the cancer is actually in. Lab...

The Download: Facebook’s misleading cancer ads, and hacking’s next era

The ad reads like an offer of salvation: Cancer kills many people. But there is hope in Apatone, a proprietary vitamin C–based...

Facebook is bombarding cancer patients with ads for unproven treatments

One from Verita Life, in Bangkok, Thailand, targeted Australians like Autar, falsely claiming that a hypothermia treatment offered there would “destroy cancer...

The Download: China’s possible surveillance sanctions, and hacking locusts

You may never have heard of Hikvision, but chances are you’ve already been captured by one of its millions of cameras. The...

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