Thursday, July 7, 2022
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‘Fallen angels’: Morgan Stanley says buy the dip on these 5 global stocks

Global markets have been slammed by a slew of macro headwinds, but Morgan Stanley sees opportunities for investors to pile into "fallen angels"...

Strategists pick their top stocks to beat rising prices and slowing growth — including some they say are ‘extremely cheap’

The global economy is beset with rising inflation and slowing growth. Here, CNBC Pro sifts through recent research notes to identify strategists' top...

These are the global stocks to own if stagflation hits, according to Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse believes markets have been "too complacent" on inflation. Here are its top picks as stagflation risks mount. Source link

These global stocks are long-term outperformers with healthy dividends, Barclays says

Barclays says these 10 stocks are trading at a discount and could present an opportunity for investors right now. Source link

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