Monday, June 27, 2022
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Duke University

What’s Going On at Yale Law School? A Lot of Drama

Yale Law School has found itself in the news a lot lately. That’s not so much because it was once again ranked as...

The Essay That Prompted an Editorial Revolt

Kathleen Stock’s essay in the latest issue of Law and Contemporary Problems was controversial before she even wrote it. Last summer eight student...

Some Colleges Are Winding Down Surveillance Testing, Once a Key Covid-Mitigation Strategy

Last spring semester, Duke University regularly ran more than 20,000 — once more than 30,000 — coronavirus tests a week on its students,...

His Photos Sought to Center Black Lives in Chapel Hill. Then the Exhibit Was Canceled.

Cornell Watson’s photographs are supposed to be hanging right now in a gallery at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Watson,...

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