Monday, June 27, 2022
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Fossil fuel power generation

Gas or renewables? With the world in an unprecedented energy crisis, top CEOs are searching for solutions

From the Covid-19 pandemic and supply chain shocks to rising inflation and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, governments and businesses around the world are...

Europe admits it’ll have to burn more coal as it tries to wean itself off Russian energy

A wind turbine and coal in Lower Saxony, Germany. The EU's desire to wean itself off Russian hydrocarbons means it will need to...

It’s ‘ridiculous and naive’ to think we can stop fossil fuel production immediately, says Standard Chartered CEO Bill Winters

Fossil fuels are ingrained in the global energy mix and companies continue to discover and develop oil and gas fields at locations around...

How hackers and geopolitics could derail the planned energy transition

This image shows an onshore wind turbine in the Netherlands.Mischa Keijser | Image Source | Getty ImagesDiscussions about the energy transition, what it...

Russia’s invasion has made energy security a hot topic. The U.S. thinks hydrogen could be the answer

Ships sailing into the port of Rotterdam in February 2022.Federico Gambarini | Picture Alliance | Getty ImagesConcerns related to both the energy transition...

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