Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

At This College, the President Will Now Approve Speakers

After a speaker this month expressed views that many felt were racist, officials at a small private college have cracked down: From now...

Should Colleges Make Anti-Racism Part Their Mission? Proposal at UMass-Boston Alarms Critics

At the University of Massachusetts at Boston, which prides itself on its urban setting and diverse student body, an effort to craft a...

Do Students Self-Censor? Here’s What the Data Tell Us

On Monday, it felt like everyone in higher ed had an opinion about a University of Virginia senior’s opinion essay in The New...

‘It Does Get Tiresome’: What an ACLU Attorney Thinks About the Endless Free-Speech Debate

There is no shortage of opinions on the state of free speech on college campuses today. Observers lamenting the sorry state of the...

‘Completely Unacceptable’: Required Land Acknowledgment Comes Under Fire at San Diego State

Faculty members at San Diego State University will meet Tuesday to reconsider a policy that has raised eyebrows nationwide: a requirement that instructors...

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