Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Hiring & Retention

‘It’s a Mess’: Grades Are Due Soon, and U. of California Professors Are Struggling

Professors nationwide are currently immersed in an end-of-semester ritual: grading. At the University of California, however, fall grades have been thrown into disarray...

Colorado State Paid Its Ex-President Nearly $1.6M to Leave. Her Likely Replacement Is Raising Eyebrows.

Amy Parsons, a former senior administrator at Colorado State University at Fort Collins, will in all likelihood become the flagship’s next president, a...

College Dining Workers Seize the Moment

A picture of Melanie Edwards shows her with her hair pulled back and wearing a black polo shirt, her uniform as a dining-facilities...

How Colleges’ Presidential Searches Weed Out Candidates of Color and Women

America’s college presidents today are overwhelmingly white and male, and boards’ search processes are making the problem worse, according to a report released...

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