Thursday, September 29, 2022
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A Turning Point for Prison Education

Amy Walker harbors ”some seriously mixed emotions” toward the technology she’s used while taking class in prison.Her tablet often fails to sync when...

Is Geopolitics Closing the Door on Open Research?

Since the end of the Cold War, and even before, intellectual exchange across borders has been viewed as inherently beneficial.On college campuses and...

‘Flexible Work Is Not the New Norm,’ One University Says

A new report from the University of Iowa offers one take on the future of the higher-ed workplace — namely, that flexible work...

Lapse in GI Benefits Highlights a Rocky Start for U. of Arizona’s Online Campus

The University of Arizona Global Campus is facing an uncertain future amid allegations of past predatory recruiting practices and a sudden loss of...

This University President Is Focused on Performance and Productivity. That Worries the Faculty.

The University of Missouri’s system office used to have a staff of 10, including two vice presidents. Now only two people are left.That’s...

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