Friday, October 7, 2022
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The world will need dozens of breakthrough climate technologies in the next decade

Such “advance market commitments” have enabled cutting-edge technologies to swiftly reach commercial markets in other fields, from vaccine development to commercial spaceflight. The...

Computers will be transformed by alternative materials and approaches—maybe sooner than you think

Optical computing, an early approach that was later abandoned in favor of binary electronic circuitry, is also moving forward. I am fascinated by...

Rewriting what we thought was possible in biotech

It’s been exciting to see technology that rewrites and improves what we thought was an established health concept—how to evaluate the need for...

AI’s progress isn’t the same as creating human intelligence in machines

But GPT-3 suffers from several problems that researchers are working to address. It’s often inconsistent—you can get contradictory answers to the same question....

Materials with nanoscale components will change what’s possible

In my research group at Caltech, I study new properties of materials that emerge when you take nanoscale building blocks and organize...

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