Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Iowa State University

Legislation to Limit Critical Race Theory at Colleges Has Reached Fever Pitch

Bills introduced in state legislatures across the country have increasingly taken aim at higher education and the discussion of race, racism, and gender...

Amid String of High-Profile Shootings, 2 Iowa State Students Are Victims

Two women who were killed Thursday night in a widely reported shooting outside a church in Ames, Iowa, were identified on Friday as...

Education Professors React to Divisive-Concept Laws

New state laws and other actions limiting what teachers can say in the classroom about topics including race, racism, and sexuality typically apply...

Iowa State U. Exits the Coveted AAU

Iowa State University on Thursday announced that it is leaving the Association of American Universities, the organization long known for conferring a coveted...

What Higher Ed’s History Can Tell Us About the Present

John R. Thelin, one of the best-known historians of American higher education, likes to pay attention to the detailed human stories that have...

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