Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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‘Disturbing and Even Shocking’: Harvard to Spend $100 Million to Atone for ‘Immoral’ Ties to Slavery

Through its “extensive entanglements” with slavery, Harvard University benefited from and in some ways perpetuated “profoundly immoral” practices that it will spend $100...

With Students in Mental-Health Crises, Campuses Risk Doing Too Little — or Too Much

Olivia Kong sounded “sleepy and distracted” but not “psychotic,” the on-call University of Pennsylvania psychiatrist would later say, when she reached out in...

Higher Ed Added More Than 9,000 Master’s-Degree Programs in Less Than a Decade

Some 24.1 million people age 25 and older had master’s degrees in 2021. That’s a 51-percent increase from 2011, when 16 million people...

Her Experience at Yale Unsettled Her. So She Wrote a Horror Film About Being Black in Academe.

Mariama Diallo was walking the streets of New York City when she ran into a former professor of hers — a college “master”...

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