Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Michigan State University

‘Just Despicable’: Michigan State Professors Oppose Attempt to Oust President

Campus support for Michigan State University’s embattled president has swelled over the past 10 days, including nearly 100 prominent faculty members who signaled...

‘I Am Appalled’: Effort to Oust Michigan State President Plunges Campus Into Yet Another Crisis

Another leadership crisis at Michigan State University went national on Monday, as the head of a prominent research association questioned the governing board’s...

A University Asked for Faculty and Staff Volunteers at Dining Halls. The Union Said No.

The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee has asked faculty and staff members to volunteer at its dining halls due to a staffing shortage....

Loan-Forgiveness Debate Rekindles an Old Question: Why Does College Cost So Much?

The national debate over whether to forgive outstanding student loans has circled around a set of policy questions. How much, if any, student-loan...

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