Monday, August 15, 2022
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New America

Corrections Agencies Would Get Broad Power Over Prison Education. Advocates Say That’s a Problem.

Advocates for incarcerated students are raising concerns over who gets the final say on which education programs in prisons will be eligible for...

Americans’ Confidence in Higher Ed Drops Sharply

Public confidence in higher education’s ability to lead America in a positive direction has sunk steeply in recent years, falling 14 percentage points...

Loan-Forgiveness Debate Rekindles an Old Question: Why Does College Cost So Much?

The national debate over whether to forgive outstanding student loans has circled around a set of policy questions. How much, if any, student-loan...

Ed. Dept. Should Keep Closer Tabs on Deals With Online-Program Managers, Watchdog Says

The U.S. Government Accountability Office on Thursday released a report underscoring the need for more robust monitoring of third-party online-program managers (OPMs), to...

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