Sunday, August 7, 2022
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New York University

An Overseas Ed-Tech Firm Wants to Buy 2U. What Could That Mean for Colleges?

What happens to a college’s online programs if the company operating them changes hands? It’s a question on the minds of higher-ed leaders...

This Historian Doesn’t Shy Away From Fights Online. Now He’s on the Defensive.

Kevin Kruse made his name picking apart right-wing talking points on Twitter. Sure, he’s a historian at a prestigious university — Princeton —...

NYU Backs Down on Hiring a Star Researcher and Accused Harasser

In the face of fierce backlash from faculty members and students at New York University, a biologist who is accused of past sexual...

What 4 Billionaires With Russia Ties Have Donated to American Colleges

The United States and the European Union have set their sights on Russian billionaires as one focus of economic sanctions amid the country’s...

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