Sunday, February 5, 2023
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old age

Never say die

This is mostly pretty cool. Beats the alternative, as they say. But one decidedly uncool thing about being almost 50 is that my...

The bird is fine, the bird is fine, the bird is fine, it’s dead

Most of these trials are going to fail, Kirkland said. Most trials do. “People should try to be dispassionate, even though everyone...

The debate over whether aging is a disease rages on

Ming Guo, the director of UCLA’s Aging Center, likes this revision for its accuracy—and its potential. “It acknowledges aging and offers the opportunity...

Saudi Arabia plans to spend $1 billion a year discovering treatments to slow aging

The Saudi royal family has started a not-for-profit organization called the Hevolution Foundation that plans to spend up to $1 billion a...

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