Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Pro: Long-term

Ray Dalio says cash is still trash, and equities are trashier

Bridgewater Associates' Ray Dalio believes hiding out in cash doesn't bode well in today's environment, but buying equities could be worse. "Of course...

Don’t let fear drive your decisions, even in a bear market. What investors should do next

As terrifying as it may be to watch your portfolios dip, investors should resist the urge to drop everything and go scurrying into...

These are the cheapest stocks in the S&P 500 that could be buying opportunities

The last two months have been chaotic for Wall Street as big technology giants like Alphabet and Netflix stretch further into bear market...

Don’t wait for stocks to bottom. Here’s the best way to buy into the market amid volatility

Market strategists are waiting for markets to hit a bottom, but investors sitting in cash should probably get off the sidelines and buy...

The path to profitability: Why some struggling resale names could triumph in the long-run

Resale is becoming an increasingly popular option for socially conscious consumers, but stocks in the sector have plummeted post-IPO. Source link

How does Tesla’s Autopilot fit into the self-driving landscape

Tesla's current Full Self Driving system has some promise, but it's a long way from being ready for deployment without a human at...

Wharton’s Jeremy Siegel says the struggling stock market now looks attractive for long-term investors

"If you're a long-term investor, I think these are values you become interested in the market at," the University of Pennsylvania finance professor...

Morgan Stanley theorizes how Elon Musk’s tunnel company will one day work together with Tesla

"The 'Muskonomy' is starting to bloom," analysts wrote. Source link

Markets are cranking up their expectations for Fed interest rate hikes

Expectations now have coalesced around a 50-basis-point move in May that will be followed by a 75-basis-point increase in June. Source link

A brutal bond market sell-off wreaks havoc on one of fixed income’s most popular ETFs

Things are getting pretty bad for 30-year Treasury bonds, the prices for which are plumbing depths not seen since the early days of...

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