Friday, October 7, 2022
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Amazon has a new plan for its home robot Astro: to guard your life

Still, last year’s pitch was that Astro could be a home assistant to make your life more comfortable and entertaining—a sort of...

The Download: authoritarian tech, and tower-building drones

Despite President Biden’s assurances at Wednesday’s United Nations meeting that the US is not seeking a new cold war, one is brewing...

The world is moving closer to a new cold war fought with authoritarian tech

Beyond the SCO, Venezuela’s autocratic regime announced in 2017 a smart identification card for its citizens that aggregated employment, voting, and medical...

The Download: China’s possible surveillance sanctions, and hacking locusts

You may never have heard of Hikvision, but chances are you’ve already been captured by one of its millions of cameras. The...

South Africa’s private surveillance machine is fueling a digital apartheid

“Vumacam’s technology is honed for the purpose of preventing crime and as such does not have mass surveillance capability nor intention,” says...

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