Friday, October 7, 2022
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Conflict, politics and ideology: Why Turkey is standing in the way of Sweden and Finland’s NATO bids

When Finland and Sweden announced their interest in joining NATO, the two Nordic states were expected to be swiftly accepted as members of...

Turkey wants to be neutral in the Ukraine war. But a treaty from 1936 has it on a tightrope

A Russian submarine passes Istanbul as it transits the Bosporus in February 2022. Turkey is the gatekeeper between the Black Sea and the...

We have to make sustainability commitments that we don’t know how we’re going to meet, CEO says

Companies have to set sustainability goals even if they don't know how they'll achieve them, the head of a white goods company told...

Want to understand Turkey’s brutal inflation? Look at the price of plums

Shoppers stroll the aisles of a bazaar in Konya, Turkey. The country is experiencing brutal inflation, with food and non-alcoholic beverage prices rising...

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