Friday, October 7, 2022
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University of Pittsburgh

What It Takes to Transform a Hotel Into a College Dorm

This fall, 200 Florida Atlantic University students will be living in hotel rooms. The arrangement isn’t new — the Boca Raton campus has...

How Fetal-Tissue Research Became the Focus of One State’s Budget Impasse

A yearslong dispute between anti-abortion activists and University of Pittsburgh researchers over fetal-tissue research made it to the highest levels of state government...

Accessibility and the Intangibles: How 2 Students With Disabilities Chose a College

(This is the second article in a series on college applicants and the circumstances that shaped their choices this spring.)Luna Fera felt something...

The Uneven Climb from College to Career

Ask students why they go to college, and they cite one reason more often than any other: To get a better job.Yet students’...

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