Thursday, February 2, 2023
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W. Kent Fuchs

Ben Sasse Is the U. of Florida’s Next President. His Critics Are Seeing Red.

The University of Florida’s Board of Trustees on Tuesday defied clamorous opposition, voting to make Benjamin E. Sasse, a sitting Republican U.S. Senator,...

Republican Senator Ben Sasse Emerges as Likely New President of U. of Florida

The University of Florida is poised to name U.S. Sen. Benjamin E. Sasse, Republican of Nebraska, as its next president. Sasse, 50, is...

Inside the Academic-Freedom Crisis That Roiled Florida’s Flagship

Last September, a professor at the University of Florida wanted to sign a scientific consensus letter about kratom, a tropical tree with pain-relieving...

Florida’s Public Colleges May Soon Recruit Presidents in Secret

A Florida bill that would allow public colleges to conceal the names of presidential candidates until finalists are chosen is likely to become...

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