Friday, February 3, 2023
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Western Europe

From EV batteries to coffee: Ideas about recycling and nature are changing how firms do business

A hot cup of coffee is the perfect start to the day for millions of people around the world. But when taking that...

A huge tidal power testing facility is looking to simulate decades of harsh sea conditions

An image of the £4.6 million FastBlade facility. Scotland has a long association with North Sea oil and gas production, but in recent...

Top autos CEO warns of battery supply scarcity as EV competition heats up

In 2021, Volvo Cars said it planned to become a "fully electric car company" by the year 2030, a move which will require...

Russia-Ukraine war is having a limited impact on Europe vacation bookings, experts say

Travelers booking luxury trips to Europe have not canceled amid the Ukraine war, says travel advisor Jessica Griscavage of Runway Travel. Pictured, Grignan,...

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