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Tech is poised to transform the pharmacy experience for patients

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Medication adherence has been a historical challenge in healthcare. In fact, according to a study published in the Permanente Journal, medication nonadherence causes approximately 125,000 avoidable deaths each year. 

But new technologies and an increasing focus on the patient experience could help curb this issue. 

MobiHealthNews asked the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s chief pharmacy officer and SVP of pharmacy Chronis Manolis about tech’s potential to change the pharmacy experience. 

MobiHealthNews: How do you think technology can transform pharmacies? 

Manolis: Technology can transform pharmacy in many different ways, but all the tools [are] generally designed to enhance the patient-pharmacist engagement. Areas such as data collection, SMS text messaging refill reminders [and] coupon savings are among some of the areas that we’ve leveraged.

MobiHealthNews: Do you think technology can help to tackle patient adherence rates?

Manolis: Absolutely, we are utilizing it today. From advanced analytics exposing barriers to text message refill reminders to special packaging medications, there will be a continued focus of efficient messaging and barrier removal.

MHN: How is the consumerization of healthcare changing patient expectations? 

Manolis: Patients want to meet where they are and through the efficiency of technology. If we don’t invest heavily in patient engagement, we won’t optimize the patient experience.

MHN: How has your team implemented technology at UMPC’s pharmacy?

Manolis: One of these technologies is called UPMC Rx Express, which we will highlight as a case study in our presentation. This is an automated patient engagement tool built at UPMC that is designed to enhance the member experience by providing white glove service at scale. 

Manolis will be presenting at HIMSS22. His session is entitled “‘Light’ Tech with Big Pharmacy Ecosystem Impact.” It’s scheduled for Thursday, March 17 from 10:00–11:00 a.m. in room W230A in the Orange County Convention Center.


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