The case of Richard Glossip is shining a new light on the death penalty

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Recently the case of death row inmate Richard Glossip is making national headlines. Glossip was sentenced to death in Oklahoma, but the United States Supreme Court recently ruled his execution should be delayed while evidence was reviewed. Talk show host, Dr. Phil also held a vigil to publicize the case of Glossip.

Demetrius Minor, “National Manager of Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty”, is working to educate conservatives about this particular case and the death penalty in general.

When legislators  from both sides of the aisle hear the evidence in Glossip’s case, many have deep concerns about his guilt, even those who agree with the death penalty in theory.

Still other conservatives have begun to question their stance on the death penalty in light of how incapable government seems to be in getting anything right lately! It does make you think.

In cases like Glossip’s, when malfeasance and negligence by the State is alleged, it should cause us all stop and reflect upon the need to ensure guilt of the accusedl. When the State is given the power to kill, only the highest levels of competence and integrity is acceptable.

As people of all political affiliations review this case, many have questions and concerns. The Supreme Court has granted Glossip additional time. Now it is up to Oklahoma to ensure this man is truly guilty before carrying out the ultimate punishment.


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