Tuesday, November 29, 2022

“The Guy Who Turned on Our Lights” – Joe Biden Forgets Thomas Edison’s Name During Speech in Wisconsin (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden on Wednesday delivered remarks on his infrastructure law in Superior, Wisconsin fresh off of his disastrous SOTU address.

Biden started off his visit to Duluth-Superior by visiting the “deteriorated” Blatnik bridge, which connects Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota.

Joey is obsessed with bridges.

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Nurse Jill spoke first and told the crowd: “You were right to put your faith in Joe Biden a year ago.”


Joe took the stage and started off his speech by talking about an irrelevant story about how Nurse Jill drew hearts on his office windows one Valentine’s Day.

At one point Joe Biden appeared to forget Thomas Edison’s name.

“…In the same plant… that the guy who turned on our lights built a factory,” Biden said.

God help us.


Here’s the size of the ‘crowd’ gathered for Biden’s speech:

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