Friday, February 10, 2023

Trucker Convoy Set to Come Through St. Louis on Tuesday Morning on Its Way to Washington DC

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The US Trucker’s convoy is on its way through St. Louis Tuesday.    

Local St. Louis news channel KMOV reported this morning:

A convoy of truckers will make their way to the St. Louis area starting Monday.

Initially, the movement was to fight against vaccine mandates, now the truckers just want lawmakers in Washington D.C. to listen to them. The people’s convoy will have a rally in St. Robert Monday and end the day in Sullivan, Mo.

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They will be making their way through the St. Louis area Tuesday. Over the weekend one group passed through southeastern Missouri. The group is making its way to Washington D.C.

“The people who organized this do not condone going into Washington D.C. and parking in front of the White House or anything like that,” said Dave Choquette, trucker. “They want it to be peaceful, easy, mellow, just make a statement.”

Ann Vandersteel at Steele Truth has embedded herself with the convoy.  She shared the truckers’ route on its way to Washington DC.  She’s been sharing live reports coming from the convoy.

The truckers are on I44 and will be staying in Sullivan, Missouri this evening (Monday).  They are expected to be passing through St. Louis on Tuesday morning.

The patriots in Missouri are expected to give the truckers a very warm American welcome. 

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