Sunday, February 19, 2023

Try Not to Laugh Watching Ted Danson Get Grilled by His Mr. Mayor Co-Star Bobby Moynihan – E! Online

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“Mr. Mayor” Returns for Season 2: Behind the Scenes EXCLUSIVE

America’s favorite (fictional) politician is back in office.

NBC’s Mr. Mayor returns for a second season on Tuesday, March 15, and based on this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what’s to come, Ted Danson is ready to serve his civic duty. 

Just don’t expect him to offer up any improvised scenes. As Ted asks co-star Bobby Moynihan in the clip, “Is it true that people call me on the set ‘the improvisation killer?'” 

Pivoting to look directly in the camera, Bobby’s response says it all: “We’ll be back!”

Jokes, jokes. “It is not true,” Bobby adds. “You call yourself that!”

Ted isn’t buying it, though, insisting that he gets “scared” and yells “cut” after attempting to stray from the script. But before the Mr. Mayor co-stars can continue going back and forth, another topic of disagreement emerges when Bobby suggests that Ted would actually make a great real-life mayor of Los Angeles.  

“No, I would look like a mayor,” Ted responded. “You want somebody a little smarter.”

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