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Wisconsin Activist Group Tells Republican Politicians Either Decertify Soon or Plan to Be Removed from Office

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A group of Wisconsin activists announced their intent to remove every single Wisconsin politician who votes against decertifying the 2020 Election results in the state. 

The group ‘Wisconsin Citizens Demanding Election Security’ has announced their plans to remove from office every politician who votes against decertifying the 2020 Election in the state.  The group shared:

Today, charter members of Wisconsin Citizens Demanding Election Integrity (WCDEI) issued an open letter, putting Wisconsin’s Republican state legislators on notice that their coalition will work for the removal of those officials who do not now quickly move to decertify November 2020 election results.

Below is their press release:

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WI Open Letter Press Release 3.10.22 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

In addition, the group sent a letter to all Wisconsin Republicans in the State Assembly and Senate notifying them that they will be removed from office if they continue to do nothing.

As citizens leaders determined to restore honesty and integrity in Wisconsin elections, we have two crucial questions for you:

First: On which side of history do wish to stand?

Second: Will you now personally act to decertify Wisconsin’s fraud-ridden 2020 general election results, or will you opt to go down with a quickly sinking ship of corruption?

Decide now. Your seat at the State Capitol and your personal reputation both now hang in the balance. Our patience with stalling and dismissal has evaporated—and we are not alone.

WI Open Letter to Republican Legislators 3.10.22 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Former Army Captain James Tesauro, one member mentioned in the letter, recently told a local politician to decertify or expect to be removed from office.

Americans have reached their limit with the do-nothing politicians who claim to stand for the people and election integrity.  

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