Withings, Calibrate focus on weight management, Dexcom lands breakthrough device designation and other digital health briefs

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Connected health company Withings is teaming up with digital metabolic health company Calibrate in an effort to integrate the technology from both parties. Specifically, all new Calibrate members will get a Withings Body Pro connected scale as part of their welcome kit. 

Withings customized the scale to complement the Calibrate program. Users are able to weigh themselves and then have that data transmitted to Calibrate’s app. Calibrate’s program combines food, energy level and weight monitoring with structured goals, coaching and medical team video visits. 

​​”We are proud to partner with Calibrate who is revolutionizing metabolic health through a tremendous focus on their member’s experience,” Antoine Robiliard, VP of Withings Health Solutions, said in a statement. “Like Calibrate, we believe the consumer experience has to be at the center of any program designed to encourage behavior change and look forward to fully supporting Calibrate so it can do what it does best, provide its members outstanding results and life-enhancing services.”

Medical device company Dexcom landed an FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for its continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to be used in a hospital setting. The wireless system is pitched as an alternative way to acquire glucose data without using finger-sticks. 

This new designation will help to “expedite the development and regulatory review of medical devices,” according to the company’s release. 

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA allowed Dexcom CGM to be used in hospitals to help healthcare providers manage patient glucose levels,” Gil Rivas, vice president and general manager of hospital at Dexcom, said in a statement. “What started as a response during the pandemic has shown promise as a better alternative to finger-stick blood glucose tests with greater quality of care and patient satisfaction.”

Earlier this week, Dr. Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general of the United States, asked big tech companies to submit data about COVID-19 misinformation, according to a New York Times report. The data will come from social media platforms, search engines and other networks.

The companies included, which were not named in the Times report, have until May 2 to submit the data. Murthy also asked healthcare providers to submit reports on how COVID-19 misinformation impacted the patients they serve. 

With a focus on prevention, Eden Health launched a new personalized health offering called Care Plans. The new tool is designed to help patients engage with their care and prevent disease. 

Patients can access the offering through their Eden Health app. The Care Plan information is integrated into the patient’s virtual and in-person visits. After a visit, the tool gives patients a summary of their appointment, as well as personalized next steps. 

“In our experience, Americans aren’t deliberately avoiding or delaying medical care. Rather, they aren’t getting the care they need because existing care models simply make it too difficult. Traditional healthcare puts too much on the patient rather than being rooted in continuous engagement and comprehensive care management,” Matt McCambridge, cofounder and CEO of Eden Health, said in a statement.

“Care Plans are just the first step in helping patients think differently about how they experience and define good healthcare. Preventative care – supported by proactive care planning and long term relationships with trusted care providers – is the next evolution in quality care.”

Direct-to-consumer company Hims & Hers Health announced a new deal with integrative digital clinic Goodpath. The deal will give Hims & Hers members new educational material about health topics including sleep, musculoskeletal issues, back pain and gastroesophageal reflux disease. 

“With our ultimate goal of fundamentally reshaping the way consumers access and experience health and wellness, this exclusive partnership with Goodpath is an excellent example of the unique and strategic investments we are committed to making in order to create a more personalized and valuable experience and ecosystem for Hims & Hers members,” said Andrew Dudum, CEO and cofounder of Hims & Hers.

“This partnership will provide Hims & Hers members with even more curated education content about some of the most painful conditions and health concerns they face, all through the Hims & Hers mobile app.”


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